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Branding! more than a name and a cool logo


When you walk through the front door of a billion dollar company or simply go to their website, that company’s identity comes through their branding to give you a sense of their values. Developing your company’s identity is a very comprehensive endeavor that should not simply be comprised of picking your favorite color, a nifty name, and a cool logo.  Building your brand takes a deeper look at the values of your company and what it stands for in the world. Whether that is quality, precision, elegance, or simply the best experience possible for each customer, that should come through in the presentation of your company. As you build towards a marketing strategy, you should have a firm understanding of your company’s identity and how your branding reflects that in each campaign. This will instill confidence and loyalty in your customer base. It will also help to increase your success as you reach new customers and new markets because consumers place high value on honesty.

A good place to start is by thinking about why you started your company in the first place. What was your goal and what do you want people to say when they recommend your company?  What feeling do they remember from interacting with your business?

Start by selecting colors that represent the feeling you want people to have when they are first introduced with your company.  Reference this site below for help on the meaning and feelings of colors and how they pertain to branding.


Now that you have some background on color, think through every aspect of how you may share your company’s offerings. Websites, social media, print work, t-shirts, or whatever tools you plan to leverage to represent your company. Develop a theme for your brand so the look & feel reflect your message. Write down some rules and be sure that you’re consistent with how your brand is represented on all these mediums. Be sure that the font on your print work matches your website. Insure your logo is the same color on your t-shirts as it is on your website and print work. Consistency in how you present your brand will reflect the level of professionalism associated with your company and allow your identity to be at the forefront.

The biggest brands in the world have a culture that is reflected in their brand identity… and so should every small business.

Finish this sentence… I am proud of my company because we stand for ________& _________

Is that statement obvious by looking at your Website, Facebook Page, Print work?

If your answer is Yes, then well done! If No, then you have some homework to do.

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